Brian Kerr, President and CEO of Kerr Panel Manufacturing has over 25 years of experience in the lightweight panel industry. Brian compiled his vast knowledge of honeycomb panels, experience in the industry and exceptional customer service skills to start Kerr Panel Manufacturing in 2013. Kerr Panel Manufacturing prides itself on being a small, family-owned business and has an exceptional team of sales engineers and quality control staff to ensure that each project is created with “Quality to the Core.” Since then, Brian and Kerr Panel have gone on to help realize some amazing creations and have been featured by Company Week for their industry expertise.

One of Kerr Panel Manufacturing’s specialties is taking aerospace technology and finding industrial uses for it. Kerr Panel has one of the largest routers in the Front Range and services the aerospace industry by providing low-cost commercial aerospace panels to customers like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, & Ball Aerospace. Kerr Panel Manufacturing has been a featured partner of the NASA Office of Small Business Programs for its works on the Orion Project. While KPM does not aerospace certify panels in-house, numerous customers are finding that these low-cost alternatives are certifiable for various aerospace uses.

Another niche that Kerr Panel prides itself on is providing lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel technology the amusement park industry. Clients include most of the main ride manufacturers in the United States, such as Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, which has been a customer of Brian’s since the mid-1990’s. “If you’ve been to a major amusement park in the United States, it’s likely you’ve stepped foot on a Kerr Panel,” says Brian. The fun does not stop there, Kerr Panel Manufacturing has aluminum honeycomb panels in amusement parks in Europe and Asia as well.

While the majority of customers are from a few main industries, the possibilities and uses of aluminum honeycomb composite panels are virtually endless. Kerr Panel Manufacturing provides custom panels to builders, architects, artists and athletes alike.