Honeycomb panels are a type of structural panel comprised of a honeycomb-shaped core between two thin yet rigid face sheets to offer a flat, stable structure with high rigidity. They are significantly lightweight compared to solid materials. When durability is a requirement and weight limits are critical, offering higher strength-to-weight ratio solutions is a crucial part of the design process.

Kerr Panel specializes in designing and manufacturing honeycomb core panels made from all types of materials to fit any project, including aluminum, Nomex, foam, and polypropylene. These lightweight and durable honeycomb cores make them a perfect foundation or support for any blueprint. Well known by engineers for a myriad of uses, our high-strength honeycomb cores provide efficient mechanical performance in various industries, from aerospace to transportation, construction, amusement parks, and solar purposes. Each honeycomb panel is designed for ease of use in standard and unique applications and is available in a wide range of sizes and skin types. They can be engineered and customized to meet specific requirements.


A versatile commercial-grade lightweight core material that provides strength and corrosion resistance, great for aerospace, architectural, ceiling and floor panels, and more.


An aerospace-grade aramid fiber that allows for expanded flexibility, perfect for spaces with strong radius curves like ship panels, military shelters, and transportation structures.


A moisture-resistant and lightweight core material great for insulations, sound dampening, and marine and wall panels.


Made from plastic and three orientations that offer superior stability, energy absorption properties, and high strength-to-weight ratio.


Contact us for design processes and consult our engineers to plan your building process. We’ll help you design virtually any application. Kerr Panel owns one of the largest routers and specializes in cutting and precision manufacturing. We pride ourselves on providing you with quality honeycomb core panels. Each product is inspected, tested, and guaranteed.