Kerr Panel uses the highest grade inserts and fasteners available in the market. Inserts allow customers to screw parts to panels or mount panels by screwing into them or bolting through them. Whether you need a custom made or a standard insert, Kerr Panel’s inserts are bonded in a way that maximizes strength and cosmetic appeal. Inserts can be flush-mounted for a completely flat panel. Kerr Panel tests inserts with up to 1,000 lbs of pull-out strength.

Potted Inserts

    • Strongest insert
    • Bonded into place
    • Can be flush mounted
    • Can be threaded or thru-hole
    • Aluminum, stainless steel, cadmium plated
    • Inserts can be custom manufactured per specification

Rivet Nuts

    • Cost effective
    • Used for screwing parts to panels
    • UNC and metric threads available 
    • Aluminum and steel

Cam Locks

    • Connects panels quickly and efficiently
    • Flush mounted and hidden
    • All steel construction