USCGC Polar Star Navy Panels

Brrr…. Things are getting colder at Kerr Panel Manufacturing just imagining where some of our aluminum honeycomb panels will go. These navy panels will soon be aboard the USCGC Polar Star, a United States Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker. The Polar Star performs many exciting missions, including breaking the sea ice. The reason for this? Namely, making a channel for supplying McMurdo Station and Operation Deep Freeze. In addition, this US Coast Guard icebreaker rescues ships that get caught in the changing conditions of the Arctic.

One of the world’s most powerful non-nuclear ships, the Polar Star’s design requires lightweight structural support for its bulkhead panels. Thus, aluminum honeycomb composite panels made by Kerr Panel Manufacturing are perfect for the job. KPM’s structural panels are made of materials designed to be as strong and durable as the ship they reside on. These navy honeycomb panels are laminated with a nylon finish that beautifully complements the rest of the ship’s stylish accommodations. Kerr Panel Manufacturing provides quality to the core with aluminum honeycomb navy panels from the South Pole to the North (and many ports in between).

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