Oversized Aluminum Panel Wing Molds

Aluminum honeycomb core panels are well known by engineers for their myriad uses. Now, more than ever, customers continue to surprise and inspire with new and exciting ways to implement KPM’s aluminum honeycomb panel technology. The reason? Laminated sandwich panels are ideal for jobs that must meet strength and stiffness requirements while remaining flat and lightweight.

For example, KPM has worked with a leading manufacturer of airplane assembly lines. Kerr Panel Manufacturing is known for the capability to produce quality oversized aluminum honeycomb panels. Panels that are perfect for new technology. Kerr Panel Manufacturing provided oversized honeycomb sandwich panels used as an airplane wing mold. The mirrored panels are shipped to the assembly line and the truck-sized curved panels are sandwiched together to help create the wings of aircraft.

This customer had a single engineer design, plan, and oversee all aspects of the project’s production from start to finish. To start, contact was made and KPM helped provide insight on the aluminum honeycomb panel’s capabilities. Next, the Engineer traveled from the east coast to Denver, Colorado to view firsthand our specialized aluminum honeycomb panel customization abilities. After touring the production facility, the design came to life in the knowledgeable hands of highly trained composite panel staff. This resulted in the confidence to oversee the next phase of the project, which is used to mass produce the wings for a major airline company, assured and secure in the choice of Kerr Panel Manufacturing.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed at this time to divulge which major airline company the mold is for. What we will say for now is, thank you for flying Kerr Panel.