Curved Solar Reflector Panels Built To Specification




  • Solar thermal collectors, which are considered parabolic troughs, are straight in one dimension and curved as a parabola in the other two. These are typically lined with a polished metal mirror. The entering of sunlight into the mirror parallel to its plane of symmetry is concentrated along the focal line, where objects are arranged that are intended to be heated.
  • Kerr Panel honeycomb panels can be thermoformed to fit any custom radii.
  • To achieve greater temperatures with descent efficiency, a solar collector in the form of a parabolic trough reflector can be needed. In this instance, we highly recommend the utilization of our aluminum honeycomb panels.
  • Our curved solar reflector panels support the magnification of the local energy density. Kerrs’ panels can be thermoformed to any specification, to create light-transmitting curved walls with many advantages over curved glass.



Our honeycomb panels are mocked up at full scale if required, and delivered to the site pre-curved and pre-cut with optional interlocking joints, to aid installation and reduce materials and labor onsite.




  • Curved panels are air-cured as opposed to an energy-intensive kiln cure
  • Honeycomb panels weigh one-fifth the weight of glass
  • Ease of transportation, handling, and installation is much higher with honeycomb
  • Kerrs’ panels can be cut on site if needed, glass cannot
  • Parabolic trough curved panels cost a fraction of the cost of glass – from the panel cost itself to the costs of shipping, handling and installation.